Best place to buy 06/07

I want to buy an 06 or 07 YZ450F. Can anyone point me to somewhere on the east coast that can save me the trip of going to Southern Honda in TN and buying an 07 CRF450R for $5833 OTD?

Thanks but the Ohio dealer is farther for me then Southern Honda.

You can't beat Southern Hondas prices for CRF's....too bad they don't sell Yamahas...Abernathys in TN is your best choice location wise....

Best prices I found in California are listed at

theres a great dealer down the street from me but if ohios to far for you then michigans out of the question. sorry bro.

Best prices on the Yamahas that I personally know of is BARDWELL YAMAHA in Brookhaven Mississippi. $6000.00 OTD for 07 yz450's. I've heard that they will work with you on shipping.

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