XRL650L new or used?

G'day all,

New to the Forum...I have a question, I have been a rider for over 15 years but have not ridden in a while, looking at getting back into it, cant wait, LOL

I am definitely looking at a XR650L, but my question is do I want new or used? I like the idea of new but I know I am likely to drop this, part of the sport..but from what I can see the bike has not changed very much if at all in a lot of years so a good used one would most like be a better option, I am looking at 30% road and 70% dirt...

Also what is a good price for a used and is there a year better than another?

I would like to thank all of you for you assistance in this

Thanks again


Depends on what you find when you're ready to buy. I looked for used for about 6 months, then bought new 'cause not many clean bikes around my area at the time. Last month a friend bought an '01 with 4500 miles that was REALLY clean for 2800. Already had the supertrapp, and tail rack. I definately would have bought it for that price. Again, just depends on timing...

Good luck


Do you have lots of money?

then get a new one. then you are going to get 50,000 miles if you maintain it...

If you get a used one (which are hard to find around here) you'll never know what it's first years were like...

If you plan on doing 70% dirt, you should lighten the bike up

Remove buddy pegs

de smog

change tank

change muffler

Change rear brake light...

You'll be suprised the difference it will make

Thanks for the reply so far guys...

Hi guys to close this I am goeing to go new, all the bikes I have looked at looked pretty bad...and a dealer said he would give me a killer deal on a new 2006 model, we will see

Just for comparison....

I got my 07 XRL for $5800 out the door, tax and licence.

Thought it was a decent deal.

I Just Bought A Mint 1994 With 4,000 Road Miles.all Stock Not A Scratch Or Scrape On It For 2,500. I Looked For Three Months And Was Willing To Travel 600 Miles To Get The Right Bike. Good Luck,d

I bought my '97 with 2800 miles on it for $2500. It had been garaged so it looks almost new. Put on new Mefo tires, jet kit and filter, pro taper bar, acerbis hand guards, MSR pro raptor clutch, grips, Synth oil change, new enduro jacket... So now I've got $3000 invested in it. Find a good used bike with low miles and put your saved thousand or three to better use in upgrades or whatever. :applause:

Thanks again, looking at second hand, (used) what are the things to look for saying the bike has been thrashed?...

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