I can seee clearly now, the specs are gone...

I can see all obsticles in my way (like this giant whoop followed by a 90 degre turn).

OK, we get up to Montreal Thursday night, ~2200, and ger our room. It actually was pretty nice. I get to the eye clinic Friday ~1300 after being totally lost for about 2.5 hrs. The map I was given was wholly inadequate and several key roads were covered up by the labeling block of "Laserview Clinic" that was on my map. They took a few more tests to double/triple check the numbers on my eyes. Then some french chick (oh, they were all french...) continued to numb my eyes, clean them, speak softly some of her exoctic french language in my ear. My wife claims I was flirting with her. In reality, I was trying to make her laugh and had zero sexual connotations. I live to make people laugh, I really do. After lots of "Freezing of my eyes", I went and laid on a table. I slid under the laser and looked at the red light. The Doc' taped my eye lids open and placed a ring into my eye that surrounded the cornea. A machine with a blade then came (I really couldn't distinguish anything due to the light) and sliced through the lens surrounding the cornea. The Doc' then using a tool, opened the lens flap (ooohhh, yuck!). The laser was brought in place which then re-shaped the cornea by burning out chucks to return the eye to round. The reason the smell was so bad was because I knew it was my eye ball that was burning. It WAS pretty nasty, just like Janet Jackson and her "Nasty Girl" song. The Doc then slid the flap closed and washed it several times, grooming the flap into place. This eye done and now the other. The whole thing took about 10 minutes for the actual surgery. They did give me a Valium to reduce any anxiety prior to the surgery. The Doc stuck me up to this eye camera to check if ok, which it was. I then had these clear fishbowls taped over my eyes. When the local anasthesia wore off...boy were my eyes really and I mean REALLY scratchy! Very, very uncomfortable. I was told to lay for 6 hrs with my eyes shut. IT was better but still very uncomfortable. We wandered around the plaza that was directly beneath our hotel for a little bit. We went back into our room for some ice creme. Went back to bed. Saturday morning I found some slight itching in my right eye, but that left was fat (fat, dumb and happy). You are supposed to put re-wetting drops in your eyes once/hr. The nerves get cut in the laser process and you CANNOT feel the eyes drying out. I put in my steroids, and 30 minutes later put in the wetting drops. We went back to the clinic for another check up. BOTH eyes are at this time 20/15, which means I can see at 20 feet what normal eyes see at 15...i.e. wicked bad (meaning very good vision!). Then the family and I went to a real french restaurant for some real french breakfast - very good. Before departing Canada, there was Home Depot that had it's name in french. My curiousity overwhelmed me and we went in. You must understand we are continuously fixing my 10 year old house, both structural stuff and decorating stuff. There were things/patterns/colours in there we don't see in the states. We bought this totally european shower thang. It attaches to the shower head via a chrome flexible hose. It is a mirrored cabinet. On it it has a 1. - nozzle that shoots at your chest, 2. - a hand held pulsating nozzle to re-semble the vibes either from love making, or if you are like me, making love by yourself with a Sears catalog in front of you...opened to the tool section :)., and two integrated soap dispencers. Like I said it is mirrored and opens for storage (razor, toothbrush, shave creme etc.).

All the way back to NH, I was smiling because I could SEE without contacts or glasses. It is GREAT.

If you can afford it, I highly recommend it!!


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.

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nice one kev

so now it's brilliant vision - we've just got to work on your sense of direction!!!

well done again.

ps. i asked how you had found the exhaust combo you are using & how noisy it is? the fit? where's your dsp airbox gone? how does the front brake FEEL with that braided pipe? it couldn't feel anymore wooden than standard could it?


Taff, I DID reply to your post. I have noted on several occasions my post does not make it through Brian's firewall!

The exhaust is a decent compromise btwn noise and torque. It does not have the bottom end of the open ended stock exhaust. It does remove some of the bark. Please note my jetting is still off, I have yet to install my DVP (I have the DTM installed due to Yamaha's part number SNAFU) and the fuel screw is not right. My bottom end torque may be hiding in these jetting woes. My bike is blocked in my basement as I have 26 sheets of of 4' X 12' drywall (sheetrock) blocking my walkout basement entrance and testing is quite impossible. The DSP is on. I have yet to do my first teardown of the carby to check for dirt getting through the carbon fibre.

The front brake is improved, not the quality of my Honda CR, but definitely improved. To me, it IS worth the $50 for the steel line.


You'll be very happy you had the surgery done. I had RK (Radial Keratotomy(sp?)) done about 6 years ago. This was before Lasic came to be. I was soo glad to get rid of glasses, as you can't imagine! I'd worn glasses since I was a Freshman in High School, almost 17 years!

I tried contacts, but couldn't find any that worked right for me. Toric lens', soft contacts, gas permeable hard lens', standard hard lens', non of them worked for me. After a couple of hours with any of them my eyes wer soo bloodshot it looked like I'd been on a 4 day drinking binge! :)

I went from 20/200+ in each eye to 20/20 (right eye) and 20/15 (left eye)after the surgery! :D

No more fogged up glasses! No more, "where did I lay my glasses", and best of all no more annual prescription adjustments. It's like having a new life. The day after the surgery and went golfing and shot an 85! That hadn't happened before!

One word of caution, try to resist that urge to rub your eyes or you could end up with need another, unplanned, trip to see the EYE GUY! :D

Enjoy your new "E.Y.E." riding gear. Now you can spend that money you'd been using for contacts and glasses on motorcycle accessories for the Blue Machine!

Now, about that comment about making love by yourself with the Sears catalog...Please DON'T elaborate any further! :D



No Brain, No Pain !

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Intersting point you are reconfirming for me.

20/20 is not perfect vision. It is typical or average (mean on the curve) It is possible to see better, I had 20/16 and many argued not knowing it meant what you disccussed.

I will add ,hey are not what they used to be.


Thanks for the great intel on this procedure. What was your out the door cost on your new eyeballs? Why Canada and not the US? I'm trying to decide... new eyeballs or new (used) van?



Never mind. I just read the next post on going to Montreal.

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Kevvie - let me guess, you want to go back to Moab now that you can see....


I am ready and rarin' to go, Bri!! I thought I was slow because of all the dust on Sliprock... Now I realize it was my blurry vision!

Kevin (and others),

How does the computer screen look after the surgery? I was going to do it, but then I was afraid that I would be improving my 'far' at the expense of my 'near'.




Your nearsightedness IS UNAFFECTED.

Your AGE will change your near vision, not the laser.

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