XR650L no compression?

I just bought a 2002 XR650L with 5400 miles on it. cosmetically it is in pretty bad shape but i thought with only 5400 miles it would be a good buy. i rode it home about 40 miles away and it started poping really loud and finally stalled and wouldnt start again. i hear the starter turning the engine but there is not even one thump of it trying to start. i took it to the shop and they say it has no compression. how can this be? i made it all the way home going about 70 mph and it fealt fine and all of a sudden no compression? it has oil in it and it didnt feel hot or anything. i have a chance to buy a xr650R engine for about $1200, can i swap the L engine with an R engine or should i have them take the engine apart and see what exactly is wrong with it and try to fix it? thanks for any help.

I don't know if you can swap the motors, doubtful. Sudden loss of compression can be alot of things, cam chain broke, broken piston ring (s) broken, bent or hung, valve (s). Top end jobs via dealers can be expensive, get a manual and try it yourself.

On the other hand the 56oo miles that were showig on the bike were obviously hard ones and or the speedo cable broke at one time and then was replaced. I can imagine hammering a XR650L but it would be hard to break one, probably due to nasty oil that was never changed, lotsa RPM's and no maintenance - ever.

Big difference between the R and L engines. The L is air cooled whereas the R is water cooled. Frames are different as well, so I don't know if the engine mounts would even line up. A cutting torch, welder and BFH can solve most anything, but it all depends on if your willing to put that much work into it.

First thing I would do is determine the cause of the problem. Could be something simple like a blown head or base gasket, or it could be something more expensive like a piston/ring failure or bent valves.

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