What year XR650R to buy? ups and downs?

Im gona buy an XR650R some time in the next 2-4 months, because i cant get my permit yet. Anyway I only have $5,000 saved up to spend, but im sure i can have around $6,000 by the time im ready to buy. So Ill most likely look for one somebody bought brand new and has barly used. Here in CT its not to hard to register Off-road bikes, and i wanta be able to use the bike to commute 10 miles a day to school, blast around town with. And take a few 200-1000 mile trips. I originally wanted 17" rims, but i dont no that my budget can stand that, unless I buy an old one. Ive seen a lota 2000 year models for sale and guys want between $4500-$5800 on SMJ for a loaded bike! Anyway my main question is, what are the diffornces between 2000-2007. Oo and if any of you guys have SM'd them, how does the handleing change? ive always ridden off-road dirtbikes so im not sure how i would like the 17's.

Any comments apprishiated,

Not many differences between the the years except for graphics. 2000 and 2001's have a clutch bushing that has been known to go out. Most have been changed out and if not, it's only a fifteen dollar part and is easy to change out. Any low hour machine thats been maintained will give you years of service.

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