Valve Questions

I have a 2002 yz426 with 2 bent valves...i was just gonna get a different head, but ill prolly do the valves question is since the 02's have titanium valves should i put them back in it or get stainless steel valves..and if i do that, is it a must to replace the springs also? any help greatly appreciated!!

Using the '00 steel valves is a good low-cost alternative. But, yes, you have to use the matching springs, also from an '00. SS valves are nearly twice the weight of Ti.

Just make it eazy on yourself, and sent it to the good people at Mototech Performance! :applause: 888-942-MOTO in Glen, NH

They rebuilt my head for way less than new parts would have cost.

My head was Cooked, when I bought it, there was a valve dent almost .200" deep.

ended up with new valves, seats, springs, loaded, for less than a used head on e- bay.

I keep checking my valve clearance, but it has not changed in the 3 years since they rebuilt it! :excuseme:

good luck!



I guess maybe they did not charge enough?!?!?!

I can't seem to find them.

There are others out there, good luck finding the best choice.



i know one off a wr or yz400f fits right on, but some dude told me that one off a 03 yz450 fits right on that right?

cmon someone has to know.....??

90% sure that the 450 head does not interchange.

Hello guys!

Is it possible to use SS valve from YZ 400 and 00"YZ426 to YZ 450,are they the same ?

...Sorry for my broken english ! :banghead:

Nope, they they won't fit.

Thanks !!!

Please,grayracer513 explain where be the difference ?

Please,grayracer513 explain where be the difference ?

The length of the stems and the size of the valve heads are different. The 450's have an entirely different head; the valve splay angle is different, and the head is 7mm shorter vertically.

Thanks really,grayracer513 :banghead:

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