Buying a new WR450 and TTR230 what should I pay?


I've desided to get back into riding before the Demo's shut everything down so I'm buying a pair of new bikes for my wife and me. One TTR230 for her and and a 07 WR450 for me. What do you guys think I should be paying?

Should I consider having them shipped from out of state?

Thanks ahead of time!


I just paid 6800 otd in Ohio for the 450. This included the AIS kit that I will install myself. Can't comment on the TTR.

I just paid $6,800 OTD for my 07. Only freebee was the YZ throttle stop. Go to OTD motorsports and you can get one for $6,500 OTD here in Kali.

I paid the extra $200 to support a local dealer plus he is close by if I have any problems. I was good for me to go to my local guy because my sons TTR125 had a slightly warped rear fender. I didn't notice it untill following him on a ride. My local guy gave me a knew fender for his bike without any questions. The slightly warped one will be a good back up.

I just paid 6599.00 OTD for my 2007 W 450. Call Jim and LA yamaha in marina del rey. He is cool and will set you up. Nobody beats his price.

Seems in Cali a few dealers are offering the 230 OTD for 3,200. Maybe both bikes OTD for 9k?

you can get them both at LA YAMAHA see Jim for 9798.00. The price will be a little cheaper if you opt for a 06 230

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