Very EXCESSIVE oil loss SM

OK i ride alot of Supermoto and i get a ton of blow by....SO i heard from a friend he went and saw the Graves SM team bikes and looked like this is what they had............... PCV valve going into the oil filler cap with a hose going up towards the breather spout with a T one going up behing the front plate with a lil KN filter and other end going into the breather on top of the head..My thought is it would work if the PCV valve will let the oil go back in ...and seal off oil/air coming back out.Im not to muck into Autos so im not sure how the valve works for sure....SO any though on this from any of you??? maybe a diff kinda valve that will just let the oil back in the cases or maybe that valve will work just fine...Ill be waiting going to the track thurs and need it ASAP....Last time i rode a ton but also lost about 1/4 or more of my oil..Just drained and refilled before i got a real check on it(bad i know)..Thanx guys

I doubt it was a PCV valve. They don't handle a very large volume. What the YZ needs for something like SM is some type of baffling coming out of the engine, as there is none inside the cam cover.

what ya recommend??

I think the best bet would be to build some baffling either into or onto the cam cover. Another approach would be a small catch can that had an in and an out bound breather port, with an additional line draining back to the crankcase.

You might try a PM to FFracing. He is involved with half mile and mile racing, and may well have encountered this problem.

OK well i built a catch system today.....2 inch by 4 inch round got 2 spouts coming out of the top 1 to the breather 1 vented up behind front plate.Bottom has a spout with a CLEAR hose going down to about were the the old hose went capped off.The catch can has new skid plate foam inside to baffle it somewhat.SO after it drains i can see it and just pull the plug and dump it back into the crankcase after each moto...will let ya know after i get off the track...Todd

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