Tons of Aluminum Shavings in my oil...Tons..

So I figured out my was a clutch problem.

My question is how do I rinse out or ensure that I have as much of this crap cleaned out before I put it back together?

I've removed screens, replaced oil filter, etc. What else needs to happen as this goes back together to make sure I'm not missing something?

Clogged oil feeder tubes? hoses? I'm sure I'm missing something.

Please help!!

if its aluminum then maybe it isn't such a big deal bro.. its softer than any gears or parts you'll have in the motor so will just flatten if it does come into contact with engine components.

if i was you i'd change the oil -and filter- three times. run it a few minutes. change. repeat.

filters are cheap right?

NO NO NO it is a big deal you do not want that metal in there it will do damage even though its soft aluminum take your time and flush everything like lines and all the nooks and crannies. Do it right while u got it apart and it wont give you a headache down the road!

First of all, i would check to see where the metal shavings are coming from? I would disassemble the oil pump and remove the side cases and rinse out the frame. Metallic shavings are a no no for any engine. Diagnose then clean up. Just my 2 cents.

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