how do i get a fatter spark in a stock '88 600r?

what do you people think? what are my options?

huge big ass stator?

aftermarket coil?

i'm curious because honestly, i don't like to kick more than three times. i know if the valves are tuned right it fires right up but seriously, i grabbed the plug once while testing and i've gotten more shock on an escalator..


The stators do go bad. The earlier bikes like yours are more prone to it. My 93 is of the newer design but it went bad too. Mine was worst when hot. The spart was really wimpy. It was not too bad when cold. I ended up rewinding mine. After I was done the spark was much fatter. The bike starts better now. One thing though. I was not able to get as many turns with my hand wind as the machine wind had. I get a good spark, but the trade off is that I have to kick it really hard. If I kick it hard enough it is now usually a one kick start when warm.

Eliminate everything else before tearing into the stator. Be sure you valves are in good condition and are adjusted right. If your real problem is a burnt valve or shot rings, fixing the stator will not make it start easier.

Here is a website that details the process

My first thought was the stator as well. The epoxy potting degrades and the enamel insulation on the windings gets breaks and shorts. The electrical energy bypasses areas of windings and the voltage output goes down.

If you're sure there are no mechanical problems causing the hard starts, then by all means rewind the ignition coils on the stator. You'll need this stuff called magnet wire. It has a thin clear coat insulation and is available in numerous gage sizes. Don't forget the good 3M epoxy.

I run a Nology wire and it seems to help. You can also order a hotter coil from them as well, helps a little more. But like the previous posts stated, check your stator first if you think there is a problem.

thanks y'all.

i'll definitely rewind the stator it looks awfully old and burgundy colored. i saw that JAW article a while back but forgot about it, thanks for the reminder. i do want to get a nice white headlight for the bike eventually but in the meantime i'd surely like a little easier time starting..

is there consensus that a spark plug i can hold in my hand while cranking is too weak?

a new two hundred dollar stator would do the trick for my starting and nighttime illumination as well eh?

anyone ever mount a regular aux light -think KC like- assembly to their front end? i'm thinking of making my own system

in the future...


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