Where to mount a Scotts Steering Damper

Im just about to put a scotts on my 06 YZ450. Is one better than the other?

On the fender or top mount?, cant really do a SUB mount as im a short arse and cant raise the bars!


Well I have the sub mount. I know it doesn't apply to you but I guess what I like is the fact that I can still have the bar pad in place. If you don't care about the bar pad then go with the top mount otherwise I would go with the fender mount in your case.

my .02

The two main disadvantages of the low mount (fender) are that it is more expensive, and that it makes it much more difficult to adjust the damping while you ride.

Top mount is really no big deal and barely noticeable once the number plate is back on. Works well. If you plan to adjust on the fly, get the larger adjuster knob and order the security screws for sure. Just make sure to always wear chest protection :applause:

I will ask a buddy at work he just got this fancy bar pad that goes over a TOP mount scotts damper and has a lil cutout for the adjuster knobbie... Ill ask him when i see him tomorrow.. Might solve the ol sabilizer to the chest when you eat it problem :applause:

Thanks for your answers, would be keen on the bar pad, tend to eat big time when i do!!!!!

Then the low mount is probably your best choice.

The bar pad is from www.dirt-bike-gear.com is you wanted to go the top mount route.

I put mine on the fender years ago and have no regrets. I do 99% desert riding and usually don't ever bother with on the fly adjustments. Set it and leave it.

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