New WR450, Fuel spitting out tank vent

My new WR spits fuel out the tank cap vent hose. How can I fix it? The 1-way check is in the proper orientation and the hose is not plugged or kinked.



previously the WRs came with a check valve in the hose. not sure about the 07s if it is there make sure it is not backwards. and if not then I would get one.

Hey Don!

Mine (and several others) did it too!

I cut a small piece of air-filter foam, and installed it inside the cap vent (take the cap apart- 3 screws). Be sure to use air-filter, or fuel rated foam.

I guess the fuel squirts in faster than it can get out, so the foam blocks a lot of the splash. No more leaks.


Thanks, that is exactly what I was wondering about. I will give it a try.

how fulls the tank ?

get the dealer to fix it.

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