brake fluid

do i need to use any specific brake fluid for my '01 426, or can i just use the stuff i get at O'Reillys? thanks...

My 2000 manuals just calls out for DOT 4 fluid. DOT 4 from any source is DOT 4 IMO.

People on this forum, seem to like the Motul brand more than any other. Evidently a number of racers have said the Motul seems to give better performance. I believe Motul is one of the few brake fluid companies, that uses either Nitrogen, or some other inert gas,(in the bottle) to prevent Hrgroscopic action (i.e. sucking up water vapor). I haven't used it yet, but next time I'm going with Motul.

Nitrogen filled bottles are an admirable extra step to take, I guess, as long as they don't expect me to pay a lot for it. The amount of air in most new sealed containers is negligible, and nitrogen is as likely as air to bear water. Brake fluid has been packed in humidity controlled rooms with no problem for a hundred years. The trouble comes when you open the bottle, use part of it, and store it for a while. Buy small containers.

DOT 4 or higher.

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