DRZ400SM Wheels on an 06 WR450

Does anyone know if they will they fit? Someone I know might be selling his wheel set new from his SM.


Ok, after a little investigation on my own, I found a set of DRZ400SM wheels on ebay, the front rim is 3.5"x17" and the rear is 4.25"x17". I then found a site selling new motard rims for the WR450 and they are the same size.

So, what do y'all think?

Rims may fit, but no telling whether the hubs/axle/brake rotors, etc will fit. I've posted here and on SMJ to see if anyone knows what rim/hub combo from another brand will fit WR/YZF and no-one replied. If you find out, PM me.

Thanks and good luck, Jamie

they probably bolt right on. Im sure the motor and plastic do too. Bikes are all made the same, they just put a different name and color on the tank

Max... thanks for your help... Next time don't respond, so I can save the effort of reading your crap:bonk:

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