How much different is a 426 vs. WR 450

This weekend I rode my buddies YZ 426F for a few hours and coming from my modified KLX 300 the bike was a blast to ride! In 3rd you just hit it and the front comes right up and it felt like riding a blue rocketship! I do mostly trail riding though and I think the next bike I get will be an electric start. Does anyone know what the power and feel differences might be compared to the 426 if I go with a WR 450? I do go to the track, but not often. Do you think the WR could perform OK on the track if set up before hand? Thanks for the info, I think I'll be making a move from Green to Blue soon!

If you go to the track at all.......I would forget the WR...not a track bike..

I would go YZ450, put in a heavier flywheel, and get an 05 or newer with the auto decomp pin camshaft, so it will start with one quick easy kick, almost like an e-start?

If you do want headlights and such, its much easier to make a WR more YZ like, than the other way around. Many people here have taken WRs to the track, so it can and has been done.

You think they just stiffen up the suspension and all is good? I'm leaning that way.

I've taken my '06 WR450 to the track twice and compared to my YZ125 its a tank, but still fun, on the trails I definatly leave the YZ at home, the WR does it all, I dont find it heavy or hard to handle in any way (except when I have to pick it up) plus the kick stand, headlight and E-start etc., if you ride mostly trails you wont regret a WR

i take my 06 wr450 to the track all the time its not a yz but is fast

its heavy but managable i have fun with it and dont plan on stoping any time soon

ps i turn44 on sun.

They are both great bikes and will both do what you want on the track but the wr has to be set up with stiffer suspension but that depends on how heavy you are the wr would be great for 20% track 80% trails any more track go with the yz also the yz has more of a 2 stroke snap to it down low an the wr has great power right through the rev range.:applause::excuseme:

I've owned both! The WR450 is an enduro the YZ426 is for motorcross the weight difference is obvious! I had a YZ450 too but went for the WR as here they are road registered! :applause: electric start! Go for the WR450 get a good exhaust change the jetting throttle stop etc and your in business! The yz does run out of speed at the top end, the wr450 will cruise past them then and keep going! WR 's are set up for trail riding! Yes I do know that front end up feeling of the 426,s Lol a 426 with a 450 exhaust cam :applause: (Wicked) You have to make up your mind what you want to do most Trackwork (YZ426/ 450) Trail WR450! If I was going to do trackwork I prolly would get another bike just for that :p ( believe it or not you can still have fun on a 250 2stroke)Or look to making the WR lighter (that would involve removing the thumb start) The suspension would need to be done too! At least on a trail you can do 100km loops! on a track it is round and round oh bugger i'm tired and bored!

One thing I forgot to say was that while riding a mates KTM 525 I noticed how that motor felt very similar to the sort of power that the 426 was putting out! The handling was typical KTM (Light and Shite) but the motor was real good!

My WR 450 cranks and will do me! The new alloy frame ones would prolly be better but I can't be bothered upgrading just yet!

Goodluck with your choice! Try and get an 06 WR 450 there not to bad! Cheaper then the new model! Very reliable!

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