Guts seat/Cover. Photo's

This is the tall/soft foam and Pleasure cover.



It's comfy but not as tall as I hoped for. I'm not sure if the medium density would have been taller?

looks outstanding

"Pleasure Cover" :applause:


Is the seat alot softer I need something that is easier on my tail bone, or does anyone else have any ideas?

Yes, it's much softer. I feels like the stock seat on an Xr600. I only wish it was taller.

Taller? How tall are you? I am 6 foot even and on my toes when I sit on the bike standing still. Heck I may give more sag so I can feel a bit more comfortable on it especially when riding in the slow stuff and need to put my feet down. How much Sag do you have?

I'm 6'1". A tall seat makes the transition from sitting to standing easier. I do mostly desert riding and stand most of the time.

I'm running 100mm of sag.

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