First bike...01 YZ426, possible clutch replacement?

Hey guys, just bought my first bike and came here to research it. I know the previous owner already has it pretty well setup for trail riding but I am noticing one problem with it and think it may neeed a clutch replacement. I just wanted to check with others here first.

The problem I have with it is the clutch slipping, or at least thats what I think. I can get it moving no problem but if I hit the gas hard it just wants to rev a lot while slowing gaining speed instead of taking right off. I know I am a bigger rider (230lbs) but I thought it would move me a little better than that LOL. Does it sound like I should put a new clutch kit in it an a new hinson basket at the same time? Or would there be something else to check first.


Your weight would not effect it, i am 215lb dont have problems like that.

Check it ajusted properly,if it is then you need new clutch plates.

Would not change the basket unless the old one is worn.

Yep. You should check the clutch ASAP. It's really easy to do. Check the wear on the presure plate (this is the almuminum disc that you take off after the springs). On mine, this part was worn a lot worse than the basket and clutch boss....Also, I hope you don't have any broke fiber discs. I've got two 99 400's that bottom fiber discs were broke on.

Nah it's not your weight. I have you all beat in that department, and my 00 will haul my fat #$$ around just fine. Sounds like a clutch problem to me. I can be way up on the tank in a corner, and accelerate out of the corner and lift the front wheel if I turn the throttle too much. No issue with whatever supposed throttle bog that some have lol.

Thanks for the replys, I will pull it apart to inspect things before I go ordering all new parts.

gotta be the clutch cuz i got a 01 426 and im 210 and its all i can do to hold on cuz if all the power, not jus taking off but while moving.

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