radiator gaurds

im new to this forum (moved up from a crf 230) and was wandering what the best radiator gaurds are i have a

99 yz400 and am looking at renewing it and when i do im going with good stuff any suggestions appreciated


Zip Ty, less than a pound.:applause:


Unabiker rad guards are crazy strong. You get a "cage" that surronds the radiator as well as a guard in the front. They are much more than simple roost protection, they protect you from SERIOUS side impact and crashes. Check them out, they are heavy hard core...

Zip Ty, less than a pound.:applause:

When did ZipTy start making them in that color? They used to be silver.

When did ZipTy start making them in that color? They used to be silver.

Not sure, this was the only choice I was given.:applause:

My vote goes to Moose, Strong and look good.

i just got the Devol guards, as soon as i get them and have a ride i will post. but my dad has had them on his bike for 8 yrs and they are still really strong.

i second the unabiker, they provide the most protection than any other on the market. You can also get them in various colors of your choice. As 6fiddy stated, they have rods on the front and back of the radiator and actually attach each radiator together and to the frame. This prevents the radiator from folding back and also keeps them from crushing in case of a side impact. You will not be sorry if you purchase these guards.

I think my bike has works connection but i may be wrong on that one... ill have to check. now you got me curious

My Devol's are terrible - I don't suggest using their rad cages... I'm regretting it.

thanks for the suggestions

Whichever product is used, they should be one of the first mods made, IMHO. Wish I would have followed my own advice before last weekend :applause:

I just ordered the new Unibiker rad guard for the '07 WR450 in anodized Blue.

I'll report on the install and include pictures.


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