2007 Wr450 Ais Kit........does Not Fit..

Hi all. I live in the UK and I bought my bike in Feb this year. I've just bought a AIS removal kit from TT as I can't find it over here.

Everything was fine, removing the AIS, pipes and all, but when I came to fitting the small metal plug into the hole(near the exhaust) it would not fit.

The hole in the cyclinder head is 'made' vertical, but the machined 'face' is at 45 degrees, and the hole itself is a smaller diameter. I had to grind the plug to an oval shape, then on one end, champher it so it would slide in so it would not catch the highest part of the hole shaft.

It eventually went in and with some high temp sealant, gasket, metal plate and original bolts its all tight and sealed.

Also, there was a pipe, from the AIS unit connected to a small metal elbow on the right of the cyclinder head. When the engine is running, this sucks air into the engine. The engine would not run for long with this 'open'. When this was plugged, the bike ran fine, but there was nothing in the kit to plug it.

Was this the right kit??

I bought the TT kit for my 07, & it bolted up perfectly. The plug at the back of the cylinder went in with a good tap from a punch, and for the front there is a block-off plate with a gasket. Maybe you got the wrong kit, b/c it doesn't sound like mine. but you probably got a deal on yours - by the time mine got to my door in Canada it was $65!! - exchange, shipping, customs handling charge and taxes! But, I got it & the bike is awesome!

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