yzf 426 clutch problems

hi there ive just got myself a 426 and the first thing ive noticed is the clutch is very snappy its very hard not to stall it im not sure if this is how they are?? my brother has just bourght the wr 426 and his clutch feels mint compaired to mine. also when its in 5th gear and 5th only with the throttle wide open it feels like .............well its hard to say but it feels like its slipping in and out of gear very fastly. please help me i hope i havnt been stung with this bike:confused:

The clutch sounds like either a typical 2000 model, or one with some time and wear on it. It can be fixed by upgrading to the parts used in the '01:


It is also possible that this condition is due to a broken cushion unit in the primary driven gear assembly, too by the way. Check that per figure 4 on page 4-47 of the manual. (Don't have one? Go Here )

The problem in 5th sounds like the bike is in fact skipping in and out of 5th. This problem is marked by the fact that; it only happens in one gear, and it only happens when you exceed a certain amount of applied load.

Unfortunately, it is caused by the locking lugs on the sides of the two gears that lock together to engage 5th wearing so that they are rounded enough that they will no longer hold in under a load, and slip apart instead. The shift fork slams them back together, where they repeat the process. You will have two worn gears (3rd and 5th on the main shaft, at minimum) and one bent fork.

Not sure what you mean by snappy clutch,but they are easy to stall if you trying to ride it in the wrong gear ie:revs to low.

The slipping out of gear feeling could well be worn dogs on the gears, which means new gears and if you do strip the engine,you might as well check everything else while its apart.

Lot of clever people on this site so you may well get a better answer than this,mind you i know of a few that have had new gears for the same symtoms.

Good luck.

Listen to the post above, started this post before that was posted, i have had to change 3rd and 5th though but changed out all three selector forks.

ok nice one how much do you think it will cost for all the parts to do the job??

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