Slosh baffle necessary?

I just took my carb apart while I'm waiting for my new jets to come in. The stock carb comes with the "s" type pilot jet. If I end with the longer style coming in, can I remove the plastic baffle that goes around the main jet? I'm sure they put it in there for a reason, so I'm hesitant to take it out.

BTW - for the life of me I couldn't read the numbers on the jets, so I handed them to my 11 year old son and before he even got them out of my hand he says "well the last number on that one is a 2". Sure enough!:excuseme:

PS I just happened to eyeball a juicy looking warsher (old timer lingo) laying on my work bench and it turns out to be .030" - perfect to shim the needle.:applause:

Having done my carb this weekend I was wondering the same thing about the slosh baffle. I had some of the longer hex type jets but I was afraid to use them so I stuck with the "S" type.

I ran with out one for a bit and it didnt seem to make a diff. but I did put it back in the next chance I got.

I'm running mine without the slosh baffle and I can't tell a difference. I'll probably put it back in next time I take the bowl off, but the problem is, these are difficult to put in even with the stock jets — first it has to be lined up properly on the grooves on the casting, and then it wants to fall off before you can get the bowl back on. It really is a pain to put in.

Thanks for that info! May I ask if either of you guys are using the longer pilot jet? Anyone know what the difference between the "s" jet and the longer one is other than the length? Any performance difference??? I just want to know so when my stuff comes in I can put my bike back together either way - I'm getting eager to ride!:p :p :applause::excuseme:

I ran the longer pilot and the slosh baffle would occaisionally block the pilot.

I just trimmed the baffle a little at that spot, no more problems.


I'll second Dave,I trimmed it when I did put it back in and the rest is history.

i have taken those out on other bikes and have not seen a problem with running them so dont be afraid to leave em out MX bikes dont have em and there jumped ridden over gnarly woops BACKFLIPPED without a problem

As float bowl feul level corresponds to feul level inside the jet and as well the vacuum required to pull the feul up into the carb, (the basis of all vacuum controled mixtures), the slosh baffle is required (reccomended) to dampen feul level changes in the jet as caused by sloshing of the feul in the bowl around it due to huge jumps and whooped out sections :applause:

As usual, you guys are a wellspring of knowledge. :applause:

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