06/07 Carb Access

Is there any way to put a quickshot on an 06/07 without pulling the carb? I have one lying around but don't really want to pull the shock off to do it.

-disconnect the hotstart plunger

-push the handle bar to where the side of the carb where the housing is (right) so you get more slack

and unscrew both hose clamps and then tilt the carb towards you

-you might also disconnect the TPS connector

i would just take it out, to inspect it...you might as well...you pretty much have to do the same thing, in addition to removing the subframe

Yes it is very easy. I just did this on my 06 450. There are four 3mm allen bolts that hold the float chamber to the carb. They are a little tight to get to but with a little patience you will have them out in a minute. The whole float chamber will drop off with the AP cover attached. Swap the AP covers out and re-assemble. done and done.

ps drain fuel out of the float first :applause:

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