07 yz450 locked up

i'll post pics if someone tells me how to do it .

I am just going to assume my '07 YZ is going to lock up. The internet is a 100% fact based reading experience. So I am just going to go ahead, and tear down my engine with 4 hours on it unil I find something wrong. :applause:

I wouldn't recommend that smart ace ! I'm just trying to tell people what I found and if anyone else has seen this. These posts are a great informational tool until morons just start chimming in with there 2 cents for no reason .

pics from flmx4:





pics added from flmx4

have you contacted Yamaha?

I have to take it to the dealer so they can take a look at it and then I have to get a hold of the people at the factory again to see if they will waranty it.

they should warrranty it...lol damn its not liek its something that happens a lot and it just may be deffective too... hopefully there wont be a recall because i have some buds that jus got some 07 450's and theyd be pissed but i dont know who wouldnt be...

ewww! that looks gnarly..sorry to hear man.

I concur on hoping its not a recall issue...I plan on buying an 07 in about a month.

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