front brake..... HELP FAST PLEEEASE!!

so as i was putting on my new handguards, i decided to take off the front break lever to save myself some time. for some reason i took the bolt out of the reservoir that leads to the cable. some brake fluid leaked out and now my front brake is gone. i put more brake fluid in but still nothing. help me PLEASE!! i want this done tonight

You probally got an air bubble in the resivoir and now need to bleed your front brake to get the air out. It's no big deal! and not hard to do.... Just time consuming.

give me a quick runthrough of what needs to be done, i have time.

someone please!!!

Pump up the lever, open bleeder. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until lever feels like you like.

wheres the bleeder?

I want to say... nah. It's the little, funny looking bolt thing on your caliper that has a rubber on it. I think it points up at a 30 degree angle, but mine's out in the shop, and I'm not going out there to look. DON'T ask where the caliper is! Not to be mean, but you need to buy a book.

dude i deserve the criticism, i need to read up..... i can tell you just about any part on my polaris but a big bore, 4 stroke, japanese dirtbike is different. and yes, i know where the caliper is. thanks so much!

The bleeder looks similar to a grease nipple.

Place a piece of clear tubing over the bleeder and into a bottle. To bleed the brakes you need to pump the lever 2-3 times and then hold pressure while you open and then close the bleeder, pump 2-3 more times and hold the lever while you open and close the bleeder again. Do this several time until your brake feels firm again. REMEMBER to keep you resevoir topped up with brake fluid or you will be starting over.

how long does it generally take? im getting tired... ive been doing it for about 20 minutes.

Whenever i have had to bleed the front brake, i have always just taken the reservoir cap off and pulled the front brake lever a few times.

You can see the air bubbles come up the line, continue untill the air stops bubbling in the reservoir.

Must be a gravity thing? Takes 5 mins tops.

Also if you have leaked brake fluid make sure none is on the disc or that could be your problem.

squeezed until no bubbles, still nothing... im getting discouraged. is there any way i screwed something up? where should i check for leaks? why am i such a dumbass? i tried the initial method of bleeding the lines for about an hour to no avail, i must be doing something wrong.... i want my front brakes back:banghead:

Fill the MC and put the cap on. Lean the bike WAY over to the left (clutch side) and pump the brake until you get some lever. Then top off the reservoir and pump it up, then crack the bleeder. Do that three or four times till it feels solid. Top off fluid and button it up. I always park the bike with the throttle side as high as possible and have the bars turned to the left. Lets any air in the system perk out to the master cylinder.

If this doesn't want to work take a screwdricver and spread the brake pads apart as far as you can and leave the bike overnight leaned to the left. Then pump it up in the morning!

i push the fluid up the line from the caliper with a big surenge and a piece off fuel line that is the best way your brake will be crazy stiff youll love it

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