clutch adjustment question?

When you adjust the free play in the lever of your clutch>>>>> do you want the lever kinda loose? The manual says about 5mm of play but can you go by that? The main reason I asked this question about adjusting the free play in the clutch is because > by the way the manual says to do it (5mm of play) when the bike is in gear..... lets say 2nd gear and you got the clutch pulled in and when you rev the bike....... like getting ready for the gate to drop the bike seems like it wants to pull. Do I need to turn the screw out some more to where the bike will stop trying to pull and lose the 5mm of play or leave the play and just let the bike pull some?:applause:

Lever adjustment is different than clutch adjustment. Adjust your clutch first, then your lever. And don't "adjust" your clutch at the lever.

I think you're going to need to explain that one a little better, 600.

The clutch cable is not like the throttle cable you cant adjust it on the cable..... All the ajusting is done at the lever(underneath the dust cover) correct!

Whoops- don't listen to me- I'm getting my bikes confused! What I said is true, but not for your bike (or my 426). Sorry!

Oh, but anyway- Adjust your clutch as per the book spec- if it still drags, you need to "dress" the clutch basket fingers with a fine file, or just buy a new basket altogether. If you get it apart, and the fingers are in nice shape, your plates are sticking together, and that could be from bad oil or something. You should be able to run more lever freeplay with no problem. Just make sure there's no drag (none) when the lever is in.

Ill go back and readjust everything and see if that doesnt work and if not I'll take the cover off and check the basket......> Although everything inside should be fine cause my 06 450f just has 23 hours on it!

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