2nd ride w/ XR600, maybe it is right bike!

I posted last week after my 1st real off road ride on my XR600 and I did not like it. We rode 35 miles and I loved it on the powerline runs and open stuff, but we got into typical Oregon tight terrain, and I struggled. Well, I went out again yersterday, and had a better time. Same type of terrain, but I just left it in 2nd gear and lugged through all the tight stuff which worked better than lurching in 1st. I rode my buddies WR250 for a while and that is definitely a no go. I didnt like the twitchy little bike in the open stuff.

I need advice on how to make my bike a little more friendly for the tight woods. Here is what I am thinking:

1) Put on a stock tank rather than my huge, wide Clarke desert tank

2) Gripper seat for better control

3) Wide pegs- always helps I feel

4) 13/50 gearing over the current 13/48

5) Buy a WR450

Any input would be great. Any other suggestions would also be great. I hate to sell this bike because it is such a blast in the open terrain, and puts a smile on your face when pulling wheelies and sending a huge roost at your riding buddies. I have considered the WR426/450, but dont know that I would gain that much in weight loss and handling compared to reliability and price of a newer bike. I like that the XR starts everytime, and that you cant kill the motor, and it has more low end grunt than a bulldozer.

I forgot to mention that I would be interested in trading my Clarke tank for a stock tank since mine didnt come with the stock one. My bike is a '93, and I would like one in nice condition since the Clarke tank is like new. Thanks

i got a stock red one i'll trade you if you want it you'll have to keep your pet cock and mounting stuff though

I raced motocross way back in the day, now that I'm older and wiser I was looking for a good trail bike which lead me to an 87 xr 600r,,,My first ride seemed to be more work that fun. Second and third ride, I started throwing the big pig around with its own muscle...now I love it,,,cruising up hills and cranking down straight a ways...this bike has awsome power,,,and I do not have to worry about mixing and rebuilding....just looking to replace stator and I will be back in the hunt.....

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