Noise....what to do now

I have a friend with an '06 450. His bike has about 65-70 hours on it similar to mine. It just started making a loud noise while running. No metal in the oil and the bike runs just as it did before. The noise came on very quickly.

The noise is a loud rythmic one that does not sound to me like the knock of a bad crank. It is the same mechanical clanking that my 450 makes (and always has just as all of them do) just magnified by atleast 3X. It is a high pitch tick...tick. I know that all of these motors have a lot of noise while running. This bike has just developed a much higher volume of the same noise.

It is to the point that it is obvious that something has to be done. The valves have been checked and they are perfect. It is time to dig in farther. What should be expected and what should be looked for?

He hasn't recently installed a Skid plate has He??

Adding a Skid plate, amplifies the Engine's noise, and everybody freaks out when they hear the now amplifed sound, due to reflection. If he hasn't added a Skid plate, than disregard my post.

I just shimmed the valves in my 07 with 8 hours and thought i had a big problem when i was done.Seemed to me that the valve train became very loud once i was done.To the point of me pulling everything apart and checking it again.Clearances perfect with one intake on the high side depending on who ran the feeler guage.All i can say is these bikes are loud in that area,not quite as loud as some (honda).I did find that it sounded worse because it was in the garage,sounds a lot better outdoors.Do a search on this subject and you will get all kinds of info.

May just need to repack the exaust!

No.....not the exhaust. I saw the guy today at the track, and he has not yet tore it down to find the problem. (he was on a different bike) I had the chance to listent to it the other day, and it has the same engine noise as they all do, its just much louder. I guess he will see what it is when he gets inside.

Well, he tore it down. The big end rod bearing failed. Good thing he stopped riding it as soon as he heard the noise.

Well, he tore it down. The big end rod bearing failed. Good thing he stopped riding it as soon as he heard the noise.

Wyatt curious what type oil he used and how often he changed it?

He used Belray oil......not sure which one. He rides with me quite often, so I know his habbits. He changed it probably every 3-4 hours. The bike has about 65hours on it, so I think this is an odd failure.

We both won Repsol oil a few weeks ago at a race. I gave mine back because I didn't want it. He kept his and used it. He went to the track, and thats when his bike started making noise. Neither of us believe that the oil was at fault, but I will stick with my Amsoil.

Wyatt curious what type oil he used and how often he changed it?
Me to! Cause Iam getting ready to switch to amsoil MCF 10w40. BTW glad you found the problem:thumbsup: ...... could have been a lot worse.:applause:

I hate to have to add to this but my brothers bike (07 yz 450) has recently started making the same ticking noises. Its not the cluthc, I know the clutch quites down when you pull it in. Its a ticking like the lobes on the cam are loose or like the cam chain is rubbing or something similiar. The ticking noise has a slow rythmn when idleing and a faster ticking as you give it gas. ...... THIS IS NORMAL??? I made him stop riding yesterday at the track in order to avoid doing something serious to the motor. Yes his has a skid plate. I dont know what you all think.

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