Our local Police riding 07 WR450's

Was talking to a couple of trailbike Police the other day and they were riding brand new WR450's!!! They finally got rid of the ageing XR400's and are now mounted on blue weapons. And yes they think the new bikes rock. Other local Police are riding 06 DRZ400's but I reakon the blue bikes are a much better choice. Do Police in the US patrol bushland on trailbikes?

Yes. I have seen US Forest Service OHV patrol riding older XR400's, and some on quads. Haven't seen any on the WR's, yet.

I wonder if they do any of the free mods and if they use trail/road tyres.

Yes i asked that and they are de-restricted! The exhaust bung is still in though (not the really small one we have here)

Fighting crime and making the bush a safer place and of course rai$ing revenue.:applause:

Where abouts in Oz did you see this?

In Victoria I've seen them on KTM 525's. I might have to consider joining the Force afterall.


I saw a Sheriff once on a dual sport DR350. He told me he wasn't too impressed with it.

Well they said the issue has been the young guys riding those thumpstar mini bikes around the streets which I myself are getting sick of seeing. Since those who do the right thing (licence & registration) have no problems, I say - book 'em!!

We just ran into four Kern County Sheriffs just outside of Randsburg, Ca. We were taking a break when all of the sudden they all ride up. They were all riding brand new Honda CRF250x's:thumbsup: . We talked with them for about 20 minutes. They were really nice guys, mostly interested in our bikes and dirt bikes in general. One of them even mentioned thumpertalk, but I didn't get a chance to get his name. Besides the Hondas they also said that they have some DRZ400's in the stable. It sure is nice to run into law enforcement that is not there to hassle you.:applause:

Most of us in the law enforcement community who conduct off road enforcement are pretty fair with folks who excercise common sense and we are not out there to hassle those who are having a good time. I have met lots of great people while doing enforcement who were within the law. It's the few who are ruining it for the many.

We currently have in our stable a couple of XR400's, XR230's, and Raptor 350 quads. The bikes have Baja Design dual sport kits on them. I'm always on a XR400, quads scare me to death, but I am trying to get a couple of new WR's for the next fiscal year. I won't hold my breath but it would be so nice.

I have also seen some local Police Department's with KTM 525 that have a dual sport kit on them. I haven't ridden one myself but the guys seem to like them.

Our local Phoenix BLM cops have a pair of DRZ400s dressed up in white and black with flashing lights and everything.

Have seen a cop on a ktm 2-stroke here in aus, but mainly see wr's around our area

really what part are you from.. Our local police here in Tamworth are riding drz400's they do the job but they said theyd rahter better bikes but thats all theya re budgeted to get is the lowest priced bikes in the drz... they use them for around the forests and for patroling the roads when the country music festival and stuff like that is on..

06 WR450's here in bendigo, victoria

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