04 YZ450F exhaust

I have read all of the previous threads on exhaust, but they don't point out the pro's and con's of each setup. I am looking to get a relatively quiet exhaust (around 100Db or less) with good low up to mid and at least the same top end. Any suggestions? I am leaning towards Dr. D since everyone seems to like theirs, but how is the noise?

I have an 04' that I just put a used Dr. D on, from a fellow Thumpertalk member. The low-end is definately stronger, along with the mid-range, and the bike seems to rev a little bit quicker. Throttle response seems just a tad better also. I highly recommed the DR. D.


This article is for the 2003 YZ450f, but it applies to the 04' as well. Looks like the Dr. D is one half dB quieter, althought the newer Dr. D may be even quieter.

I wonder if they jetted the carbs during their testing. From what I can tell stock is about all I need.

You might look into the FMF Megabomb as it seems to fit all your qualifications. The header alone will actually make the bike a little quieter.

Yes, the stock pipe is designed and performs very well. What you really get with an aftermarket, is more of a custom tailoring of the Hit occuring at different RPM range's. Like I stated, the Dr. D definately has a better grunt from just above Idle, thru Midrange. I can't really comment about the upper range, cause I've only got about an hour's riding time on the pipe, and that was on the trails, where I wasn't ringing it out much. I bought the pipe used, and got a good deal. At full brand new price, I'd probably not spend the money, but used, I'm very happy with it.

By the way, my riding buddy just put a Jardine brand new full system on his 03' yz450f, that does kick up performance quite a bit....it is louder though. He got it off #bay, for something like $ 140 brand new. If you want a Dragster, get the Jardine. For around that price, you can't go wrong.

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