new seat cover...stapling ?

weli ordered a new seat cover as the old one is well... ugly.

before i tear the old seat off and try to to staple the new one....

Can i use a regular non office style non air powered staple gun??

will it penetrate the plastic of the seat bottom?

Or do i need to buy/borrow an air powered one?

thank you!

you can use a non air gun i have a $10 stanley stapler i got from home depot and it works fine i used 3/8 t-50 staples

I've tried two different manual staple guns (one $15 no name, one $30 craftsman) and it didnt make it through the pan. I even tried a few diffferent staple types with angled vs non angled heads, it made no difference. Hell I even tried putting all 190 lbs of my weight on the stapler and didnt get it through! I fianlly had a shop do it for me and it ended up a few bucks more than the cost of the stapler and I didnt have to spend a night cussing and re-covering the seat.

what kind of shop??

I used a cheapo Stanley stapler and it shot through the plastic pan no problem:thumbsup: I'd give it a try first, before letting someone else do it, I hate it when I pay for work and it comes back worse looking than I could do:mad:


I bought an air powered stapler at Harbor Freight model #46365 for $25 which worked perfectly with ACE hardware 1/4" staples #22265. Sunk into the seat pan with no effort & looks exactly like the factory staples.

Im pretty careful with my own work, but the upholstry shop did a factory level recover. Way better than I could. They used a heat gun and ahesive around the edges to get the cover on tight.

It was a no-name auto upholstry shop.

I dont know why both staplers couldnt make it through my pan, but I am tempted to try it again when it is time to recover the seat again (maybe I'll eat my spinach this time first). I did my first recover myself, but I had to follow each staple with pliers to get them through the pan.

One problem with a manual stapler is the hammer will tear the seat cover if you are pushing really hard on the stapler.

One problem with a manual stapler is the hammer will tear the seat cover if you are pushing really hard on the stapler.

thats why you dont stretch the seat cover out straight and staple it close to the lip that will keep it a tighter cleaner look too. Ive done a few seat covers with my manual stapler, ya its not as easy and fast as the aip ones but you can get the same quality it just takes a bit longer

hnmm.. just tried staplign it with a manua stapler.. no dice... i neary shot my eye out at the same time..

i'm assuming an elecric stapler has more power right??

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