How to set idle w/o a tach?

I've just twisted the screw until it sounded "good" but not too fast. But 1300 RPM should be about 20+ put-puts per second and I can't count that fast.:applause:

Anyone got any good tricks or a good place to buy a removable tach guage with decent refresh? I know about the hardline and lindy tachs but they look like a mid-80's casio calculator wrist watch and I don't necessarily need something that will be on my bike the whole time. Considering the Vapor with dash kit, but hesitant to cut wires on my brand new beautiful piggie. There has to be some Radio Shack tach guage for working on single cyls, right?

Thanks in advance!

i would just stay with what u got if it sounds like a good idle then it prolly is

anybody know about a good garage tach out there?

Some automotive digital multimeters have a rpm meter. I have a mac tools DMM that uses an Amp clamp to put on your spark plug wire. I think craftsman make something similar.

I would just do it by what sounds good. make sure your engine is warmed up when you adjust it.

I would just do it by what sounds good. make sure your engine is warmed up when you adjust it.

Dont worry jean if you cant see the rpms on a tach or a multimeter sound is fine

Sound is fine. Your bike will clank into first gear from neutral if the RPM is too high.

FYI, 1200 RPM is 10 "puts" per second because a 4-stroke engine does 2 revolutions for each firing cycle.

FYI 2 - You don't have to cut any wires for a Vapor install. Just solder the two power wires to the headlamp connectors underneath the rubber insulation that you can pull back. It doesn't matter if you are running stock or a dual sport kit. The Vapor runs off nearly any power source 4V-400V AC or DC.

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