yzf gearing

hi there can anybody tell me whats the smallest rear sprocket you can get for my 426 as i have put it on the road and the gearing is all wrong ...my brothers wr leaves me for dead:mad: cheers danny

Either a 39 or 40

I've been wondering about the feasability of putting a WR tranny in my yz426f I would prefer to have a wider range..... as in a slower first and faster 5th my top end suffers as well.... I ride everything from trails to wide open desert... so I would like to have the full range.... and with the wide torque band I don't see the need for the close ratio's mine came with.

This has been done a number of times. It makes a good swap.

very nice! thanks gray, where would you say the best place to find one is? ebay? craigslist?

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