edelbrock remote idle adjuster?

ok mine is just kinda hanging there does someone make a bracket to affix that thing to the frame? or do i have to make one of my own?:applause:

I just routed mine around to the right side and used a line clamp (like this) that was slightly larger than the idle adjuster cale (so it could spin freely) to secure it to the rear bolt that hold the fuel petcock on the tank. It's held in place and is easy to reach down and fiddle with.

I agree, leaving it hang free did not appeal to me either.

I fabbed a small aluminum bracket and bolted it down on the left side, using one of the existing engine accessory bolts. Then I just tie-wrapped the cable to that small bracket.

Once you reinstall the gas tank, the mounting is covered up and all you see is the last 2 inches or so of the cable and the knob on the end. Mounting it off the left side allows you to adjust the idle and blip the throttle at the same time.

Works for me.

I just installed my edie as well. Did not like the limpie dangling either! I routed it to the left side and rested it on the fuel line, then put a zip tie around both loose enough to let the adjust spin, but tight enough to keep the movement/play to a minimum. Knob is kind of heavy, but I use hose clamp on good fuel line, and the knob rests on top. Should have no issues. When taking the tank off, the zip tie can be slide down the line to remove without having to redo every time! .02


4Takt's photo shows the way I did it. Those clamps are available in the electrical department of your local Lowes / Home Depot etc. I used a small one for the idle cable and a large one with a drilled out mounting hole attached to the top motor mount keeping the throttle cables tucked in tight to the frame, makes it easier to remove and install the gas tank.

cool, thanks guys i'll head over to lowes to grab one

That is nice! There is nothing that nice to be done on the L. It does seem you guys with the R have to remove some stuff to adjust the needle on that carb.

i just routed mine through the existing small clamp that holds the fuel overflow line. i rerouted the fuel line by clamping it with a cable tie to the other overflow lines.

I just re-mounted mine like the picture 4Takt posted. The IMS tank makes it kind of a tight fit, but I like it better than having it attached to the petcock bolt on the right side because I can take my tank off quicker now.

I just wish Edelbrock would make a remote needle adjuster as well.

Yeah, having to remove the tank to adjust the jetting sucks. It's really not much quicker or easier than rejetting the stock carb.

Yeah, having to remove the tank to adjust the jetting sucks. It's really not much quicker or easier than rejetting the stock carb.

Your kidding right?

I think holding the throttle wide open and turning an adjustment knob is easier than removing then disassembling the carb to change the needle settings. I do have to remove the tank (at least loosen) but thats about a 5 minute job.

No, I'm not kidding. I mean, it only takes a minute to drop the float bowl and change a jet. I know changing needle settings takes a bit longer.

yeah it would be nice tobe able to adjust while out riding or whenever you see fit. but hey to me thats a small con the pro's outweigh that big time

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