lowered rear suspension

I bought my bike used from a dealer and haven't been able to speak to the old owner yet. Today I was able to compare my bike to a new wr426. The other bike owner noticed that my bike was about 2-3 inches lower in the rear at full extension. The old owner was about 5'7 and 235lbs. Could he have had the shock shortened. If so, how do I return it to normal. Is it difficult or expensive? The manual doesn't mention how to do it. Anyone know how this is done?


Dan -

Call Factory Connection and ask for Steve Fitch. He is a WR Guy! They lowered my bike and said it is fairly easy to raise it back to the stock height when I sell it. It probably just depends on who and how the previous owner had his work done.

Mine was done by changing the springs (rear shock and fork springs)and I believe shiming of some sort.

Good Luck.

Their number is 603/335-7023.

Thank you,

I will call him.



It was nice meeting you on Saturday. Too bad there was too much snow to ride. Here's the name of the fellow up in Denver that my friend Ned and others I ride with like. I've not used him yet but will be going up in a week or two to have him re-charge my Ohlins shocks from one of my street bikes.

I still think your best bet is to contact the

original owner and find out exactly what he did. And, did he re-valve the forks as well?

Here's Ned's comments on Neil:

Anyway, I'm in no way affiliated with Neil- just a pleased customer. If you've got a shock that needs rebuilding or want to get it revalved, I think Neil could be your man. He charges $70 to rebuild (including oil and nitrogen) and $140

to rebuild and revalve. He offers free changes to the valving for 60 days as well.

Neil Hores

Hitchcock Industries

4003 S. Grant Street

Englewood, CO 80110-4705


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