I am tired of Paradise (valley)

Have you guys ever been to Paradise Valley just to the east of Mountain Home near Glenns Ferry?:applause: Well I have been riding there for about 1 1/2 years now and it is getting kind of old. I ride with about 6 to 12 guys on a good weekend and it seems that everytime we get someone newer that tags along we all (or maybe just me) get stuck riding the same old trails and after a while I feel like i could ride them blind folded.:excuseme: So do you guys know of anywhere in southern Idaho that Beginner and intermediates can ride in peace and not get borred or over worked for begginners? Don't get me wrong I like Paradise but sometimes it is just over crowded and under appreciated by other riders. Thanks.

I went there for the first time (from Idaho Falls) about a month ago. That place is way fun to ride, although I could see it getting really old fairly quick. I don't know any riding places over there, but know quite a few over here. I don't know how far you are willing to drive to ride though...

You should post this is in the Northwest Region forum. You'll probably get a lot more specific (to Idaho) responses there.

Can't comment on other riding areas near Glenns Ferry, but if you're willing to drive a bit, come ride in the Boise areas. Check out the new 'where to ride' feature on TT and most of the most popular Boise riding areas are listed and mapped (Blacks Creek/Danskins; Owyhees/Hemingway Butte; Emmett/Little Gems). The only one I would add is 8th street, just north of the city up in the foothills/trees.

BTW, I've heard Paradise is a blast, but can see how it would get old if it is the only place to ride.

go down the road to hagerman and ride pipeline, pipeline is fun but its alot like paradise after riding there for so long you get a little bored.But if you havent been there its somewhere new.

How do you get to pipeline whats it like

You can actually ride from pipeline to Paradise, though I don't remember exactly how now. Pipeline is a lot like Paradise, just a lot of open area with a few loose sandy hills to try and scratch up and that's about it. Once the snow is out of the high country, I'd suggest you go hit the trails south of Twin from 3rd Fork if you're looking for a change in scenery.

to get to hagerman and pipeline you go into hagerman just past the snake river go east on the river road less than 1/4 mile hang a left on sailor creek road any other ? s i be happy to help.. my brother and i have been ridin paridise and hagerman the are fun but i am ready for some trails in the hills change up the scenry a little

We have been riding there all winter for about 2 winters now and still find new terrain and trails everytime we go. Yes it is all washes or whoops but there are miles and miles of trails that i haven't even seen yet...Have you been out to twin tops and beyond? sweet single track though the sage, have to been over to the deadmans fall? you can ride all the way from paradise to "pipeline" and back with out hitting the same trails, pack gas though...

try parking at different areas so you don't have to do the whoops for 10 minutes before getting to the same places each time. don't be afraid to open and reclose some gates to keep going south...

google earth has helped us alot on finding some places.

But now that the snow is melting in the mountains we are staying up here...I would imagine that the riding in the summer down there sucks though...to hot and dusty...

Roust where are you from? I'm in Twin and have been having a blast riding the South Hills for about a month now. Unfortunatly by myself.

6-12 guys is too many to cover any ground anyway. try riding with 2-3 other guys at the most and you'll be able to pick up the pace. danskin mountains near boise is worth your drive. they have an awesome trail system

Hey I live in twin falls and got back into riding don't know very many trails looking for people to go riding with

Wow where did you find this thread? Last post before yours was in 07'! Read back to Idaho stas, he hit all of the best areas! I grew up in Mtn Home and rode from the house to Danskin and Blacks Creek. Owyhee mountains south of Marsing has a good system, fun ride to Silver City. The park in Emmett is fun and has access to BLM land as well. Also have ridden a few times around Bruneau as well. I don't think that paradise Is open any more? If Blacks Creek will be open for this season (doubt it because of fires), it is my favorite place to ride! It has great diversity in terrain easy to challenging single and double track that seem to just flow! I have lived in Salt Lake area for the last 18 years, tons of riding in Utah St. George, Moab, and around here, but Blacks Creek is still my favorite! If you like the sand may be a bit of drive try St. Anthony! Good luck!

As far as I know Paradise is still open, but over the years it's become less open as private land owners fence off their land.  I haven't ridden Paradise in YEARS though.

It's been probably about 7 or 8 years since I've ridden at paradise. My in-laws usta own a farm just off the paradise valley road just before you head over the top of the hill and cross the canal. And my sisters family owns the gravel pit so I spent a lot of time out there. Last time I drove through a few years ago it was posted closed, may have been due to fire hazard though. Still have friends living there and could find out! Probably great riding there now if it's open? A little less than an hour from Twin, take exit 125 just before you get to Glenns Ferry, turn left and follow road to the west, the road will make a few turns over the hill to an intersection Pasadena road, turn left and go maybe a 1/4 mile.

Friend of mine there says as far as he knows paradise is open.

Friend of mine there says as far as he knows paradise is open.


Yeah I figured it was.  I grew up in Twin, rode a fair bit in Paradise when I was younger.  In fact I broke my leg there in 97 or 98 :D  I have some good memories from there, some were not so good at the time but they make me smile now!

Josh, you had a chance to ride paradise yet? Tried any other areas in the thread? Riding desert here has been awesome? Storms have dropped snow in the mountains and rain in the valleys for the last month. No bugs, no dust, no sweat, wish it were like this year round!

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