Anyone Have Experience With The Pro Circuit 496?

I Just Purchased A Used Pro Curcuit 496 And Installed It On My Bike. The Bike I Bought It Off Had Only 1500 Miles On It. I Guess They Could Of Dissconnected The Speedo? Anyways,it Seems Pretty Loud. I Thought This Was The Quiet Pipe? I Was Wondering If It Would Be Worth It To Repack It? Does That Quiet It Down Or Will It Always Have That Big Bark When Hammered On? Thanks ,d

I too bought a a slightly used, but almost new 496 and I have since put roughly 2000 miles on it since. It is quiet at low rpm and has a nice sound when you hammer it. "496" is suppose to mean 4 stroke 96 or less decibels. What were you running before to compare it to? It should be comparable in noise to the stock corked pipe. My experience is that is is much quieter than the stock tip drilled out with a hole saw(which made my ears ring). If it is loud maybe it needs repacked. Also, are you sure it has the 496 tip in it. It is my understanding that the tip from the Pro Circuit T4 is interchangeable and that that a T4 with the quiet tip is the same as the 496.

i have a xr650l and it came all stock. i did daves mods and uni filter and the stock exhaust is so quiet and sounds so unlike any real motorcycle i have ever had.that is why i went with the pro circuit pipe. thanks , d

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