Gear Ratios?

I am confused...can anyone tell me what the difference (ratio wise) between my old set up and my new one:

I started with 14 tooth front and 43 tooth rear.

If I switch to a 15 tooth front and a 46 tooth rear will i be at roughly the same final drive ratio?

How do you figure this stuff out?

The reason for the switch is I am looking for more low end torque to the rear wheel while not losing the top end speed.

Thanks for any help on this one!

Scream. has a gearing chart. Changing your sprockets changes your final gear ratio. If you want more low end you will have to lose some high speed. The only way to have both is to change the gearing IN your tranny. You can add a smaller toothed 1st and 2nd gear while leaving the rest alone to get more bottom. The different gear ratios in the trans is one of the differences between the WR and the YZ. I think the YZ is geared lower for the track, not sure though. If so you might be able to order YZ gears.


Both of those setups achieve the same final gear ratio of 3.07.

Dan :)

Actually answered my own question by "RTFM" read the manual. actually the gear ratios are slightly different between them I get: 15/46 = 3.066 and 14/43 = 3.071 divide the rear sprocket (# of teeth) by the front and you get the ratio correct? anyway doesnt it make sense that since the front sprocket is a larger diameter (and has one more tooth) it has more rotational leverage on the rear sprocket/wheel than a smaller sprocket at the same engine RPM? I know the ratio is the final determinig factor but it seems like the engine would do a little less work with a larger front sprocket to acheive the same ratio as the other way around....hmmm.... probably just stupid and dont know what the hell I am talking about buy it seems like it to me. :)

A larger front sprocket should last longer than a smaller one due to the larger circumference and less strain on the chain. The 14 by 43 would probably be a little lighter due to the smaller rear sprocket and fewer chain links. You are right though. I just rounded to the 2nd figure.

Dan :)

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