Some FYI on '06 steering bearings....

We are getting our bikes out of winter hibernation, and my buddy with an '06 tells me his steering is hard and "notchy" feeling. I can almost tell without even looking what the issue is going to be. I get his bike apart, and low and behold the upper stem bearing is rusted, and partially siezed. The Yami legacy of "no grease from the factory" continues. His upper bearing is junk, the lower was rust gunked, but saveable, and the upper bearing race is galled and rusted also. So guys, take some time, tear your newer YZ down and GREASE EVERYTHING now , or break out your wallet later....

Nevermind. Looks like the part hasn't changed in '07, or since 1994 for that matter.

93332-00068-00 BEARING

4EW-23416-00-00 COVER, BALL RACE 2

they told me at the dealer when i bought my 06 to grease that and swingarm and linkage bearing frequently i guess its a known problem.

This is true for every bike manufacturer. No matter what the bike is, you gotta grease it.

Here in AZ, we can do pretty well about every 6-8 mos. on steering stem and linkage, but elsewhere? I am sure alot more often (3-5 mos.) depending on usage. If I rode in a "wet", or especially cold/seasonal state, I would probably do it every season.

I have already started dissasembleing my '07 and wadding my special bearing and bushing recipie (50:50 mix of Bel Ray grease and anitseeze) for all my linkage parts. I have also completely removed all the bodywork, triple clamp, and rear axle adjuster bolts for a coating of antiseeze. Been doing this new bike ritual for the past 20 years....

I don't have a lot of time to ride, so when I do get out on the track I DON'T want any problems.....

So guys, take some time, tear your newer YZ down and GREASE EVERYTHING now , or break out your wallet later....

2006 YZ450F - Been there, done that (I had the exact same problem due to previous owner).:applause:

Dirtbikes do not like to be put away wet - especially if you use a power washer. I only powerwash if I have caked on mud, otherwise I use a hose.

Looks like Yamaha has superseeded the top steering stem bearing on 07 Yz450 F. I just replaced mine and it now has a seal built into the bearing.

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