Happy 426 day all!

Everyone have a good 4/26! Yeah. yeah, yeah - if there was a 4/00 or a 4/50 day we'd celebrate that too :applause: . Anyhow - have a good one! :excuseme:


lol never thought of it that way....

Happy 426 day to you too. :applause:

I celebrate 4/50 day on the 20th 0f May. :applause:

^^^^ I don't get it......

lmao I dont get grays either but o well happy 426 day... keep on thumpin!

^^^^ I don't get it......

If there were 50 days in April, what day would that be?

If there were 50 days in April, what day would that be?

Sunday. :applause:


hahah i got it gray.

Beat me to it! Happy 4/26 to you all! Braap it up!

ooooo i got it 50 - 30 = 20... gotcha i was kinda slow on that one...lmao


Happy 426 day guys.

Wow, creative aren't we.....thanks and Happy 426 to you owners as well.


Man, I love my bike..a singletracking tractor...Its got more nutts than I do..great machine..01 426.....

had a bad 426 day.....dented rear rim and fed up right rad..:applause::excuseme:

Same to all!! Happy 4/26 day. I'm still trying to get my 426 up to riding condition!

Take care!


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