Pro Circuit T-4 Exhaust?

Does anyone know about Pro Circuit's T-4 exhaust for a XR650L? I had a SuperTrapp IDS2 on order but apparently, they quit making them or there is a huge back order. I noticed Honda's race team was using the T-4 in the movie "Dust to Glory" but I have never heard anything about them. Thanks!

It might of looked like honda was useing the t 4,but if its the same pipe I've seen then I would think it doughtfull. If you need to go quiet find a supertrapp if noise isn't a problem and you want a full system go with the XRs only.

The T-4 makes good power but its loud if that matters to you.

I just received a T 4 for my R with quiet core, looks good and probably leaps and bounds above any disc system.

Got any pics of your pipe and the quite core? DO you have a 650R or 600R?

I have a T4 on mine from the previous owner. It's a little loud compared to stock but I've never heard anyone complain about it.


Nice looks killer I wish they made a header for the 600R and a quite core

I checked they have a slip on with quiet core available, unless you have a really modifeid 600 I would have to say that the stock header fits the power characteristics of you motor pretty well. Depening on year I think the headers are made of stainless so maybe you can wire wheel to match?

I have a brand new T-4 complete system for the 650R, minus the quiet core. It is about $700, i will sell for $500.

I have a T-4 that came on my bike, it is an R. It is the loudest pipe I have ever heard, I think it is a one off, because the pipe is about 4.5" wide before it goes into the can, which is only about 4" wide. I love this pipe

I have a full T-4 (regular core / tip) on my 650R. It is pretty loud but I do almost all street/highway riding on this bike so noise isn't too big a deal for me. I just try to be considerate when near cagers or pedestrians.

I went with the T4 for power and looks. I love it.

The T4 has probably 200 hours on it and I have a re-pack on my maintenance list for this summer. That should mellow the noise a bit.

I put a full-system White Bros R4 (got a great deal...) on my wife''s CRF230 and its dang near as loud (??!!). No question though, a full system adds more flow (so more power) than just a slip on. The difference on her 230 (with jetting and Uni) was night and freaking day.

But for me, the real tie-breaker is "stainless" header: I really hate corrosion. A heat-burnished stainless header is pure art, to me. Yeah, maybe I'm wierd, I can live with that.

Ride safe.

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