xr650r soft seat??

who makes a soft seat for my xr650r and does anybody have Pics of one?

The stock seat is a butt killer. I did not want to hack up the stock seat so I got the SDG complete TALL seat.

This seat is very nice on the "rear" and if you want more comfort, you can get a custom gell, wide insert made. Again, without hacking up the new OEM seat.

Hope this helps! :applause:

I hacked up my original seat and installed Guts tall foam and a new seat cover on it. I think it's too soft now, plus I didn't do such a grand job with the cover install, so I may just pull out that foam and get me a hard tall foam instead and try a second time to get that cover stapled on properly (heat it with blow dryer, have a helper, etc. - all the stuff I didn't do the first time around)

I've got the GUTS racing standard height/soft foam & cover (pro black) which has helped immensely. I'm 5'10" so I didn't want the added height of the tall foam. Sorry no pics for now.

thanks for the info I will be ordering one asap!

I tried to order but they are out of stock, any other retailers?

I posted a photo of my Guts tall/soft a couple days ago.

check it out.


www.bajadesigns.com "Motorcycle Products" "Motorcycle Accessories" "Seat Covers & Seat Foams"

Made by Guts and exactly the same except cheaper.

do these fit under a stock seat cover?


tem Code: 410010

Seat Foam, BD 650R (STD/SOFT)

check these guys out

supposed to be some top quality seats


Full Suede or leather solo seats - $400.00

Better be top quality for that price.

Vinyl seats- $300.00

and thats the 'cheap' seat!

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