*Newbie questions*

Some help would be appreciated on the following as I am not a mechanic:

*When talking about engine work what is meant by the top end, and bottom end?

*Triple Clamp: Is this the piece that connects the forks to the frame? And is a fork brace different from a triple clamp? What is the name of the part that clamps the handlebars to the frame?

*Splitting the cases: What does this mean?


Ok some answer,

first questions...Sometimes is the upper (cylinder and head), somtimes its the bottom (Transmission/crankshaft). But if you do a bottom end you must remove the top end first.

Second: Yes its the triple clamp that hold everything. Fork/handlebar/to the frame.

Third: Doing a bottom end.

welcome, the top end is cylinder, piston , rings, cyl. head, valves, cam shaft etc. the bottom is clutch, transmission, crankshaft etc. splitting the cases is pulling apart the bottom end to access transmission, crank or clutch for overhaul. yes on triple clamp conecting forks to frame, afork brace is a brace that clamps the forks together just above the tire for rigidity.the handlebars dont mount to the frame, they mount on the top triple clamp thru "risers".

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