Tire Choices

OK, I have figured out that the stock dunlops on my 250F are pretty much junk, especially the front tire... the thing wont stay planted.

Anyway, what front and rear combinations would you all suggest. The soil here is silt/clay and when it gets wet, which it is most of the time, it gets real nasty. will need something that will grip in gumbo but will also have descent clean out.

I know that it would be impossable to find one tire that would be good in all situations but i am hoping that i can find a happy meadium.

Never rode gumbo mud before, I've walked in it, Dunlop 756's seem to work in a lot of situations. You are correct, the 739's are poor.

S12 Michelins front & rear!! Just got a new set for mine, and will mount them today hopefully. I had a set on my Husaberg and loved them. They wear like iron. And the eat up the slime!! More than adequate in dry conditions, but man do the excel in those slick creek crossings & muddy banks.

Ditto: All above sugestions...


thanks for the feedback guys

IRC M5 for all those soft and loamy situations.

My bike is only 2 weeks old and I found I hate the tires already. The mud this weekend was greasy to say the least. The 739 seems to pack up then get squirrely everwhere. The places where I ride are usually woods (soft dirt and leaves), a few places with mud, then I'm gonna be street legal. Riding on the street will probably be the least used. Which tires seems to work best in the mud and woods...S-12? 756? any others?


In the mud and woods (roots) I run M12 front and S12 rear. These tires are the best. I ran and swore by the 756 for years, but tried the 12s, they are far superior. The 12s are better than the 756 in that the rubber compound is a little softer so they don't slip on the roots and rocks as much as the hard 756. In the mud and loose dirt, the 12s match (if not exceed) the 756 easy.


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