XRR Baja Designs kit installed

I just finished installing the BD kit on my XRR :applause: . So far it seems like a great product and their customer support is top-notch.

The LED signals were worth the extra $$. The system seems to work just fine on the stock stator.



After a quick mechanic's inspection tomorrow I'll be plated and roostin :excuseme: .

Looks sweet, you did a great job on the Bike. Hows it handle on the street?

no idea mate. But I'll find out tomorrow after she gets her plate. I bet it'll be fun though

What mirrors are they? $$.$$ ?


no idea mate. But I'll find out tomorrow after she gets her plate. I bet it'll be fun though

I'm gonna build me one just like it..LOL

What mirrors are they? $$.$$ ?


They're Acerbis Rally Mirrors. One was free from a buddy and I paid about $20 for the other one. I've heard they shake like shit but I'm primarily going to be using the bike for trails and fire roads so that's ok. I like that they are small and out of the way.

the mirrors do shake a lot and will loosen up and flop around. you can only tighten so much because they are held together with wood screws. putting a little strip of paper between the bracket and ball at the end of the mirror will eliminate some of the slop. i hope you enjoy your BD kit. my only complaint with it is the switch it failed after a few months and was a pain to splice in a new one as think there are 14 wires coming out of it.

One way to eliminate play in the Acerbis mirrors is to place a 1/2" square of electrical friction tape (kind of a cloth type tape with sticky adhesive) on opposing sides of the balls of the mirror stocks where they contact the clamps. Works great and still allows you to fold the mirrors in for off road use. They will still vibrate like crazy but at least they'll stay where you put them.

Have I got those Acerbis mirrors mounted wrong? I went for the maiden voyage today (in the pissing rain, on new tires :applause: ) and realized that those mirrors give me a great view of my body and upper arms. I tried adjusting them to look under my arms but it didn't seem to work. Any suggestions? I did feel a bit blind.

May I suggest getting rid of them, I have tried them before with no luck.

Nice bike where did you buy your parts from ?

Hey Slim: I got the bike at "Action" here in Victoria. I got some parts there and some via my arch nemesis "the internet":smashpc: which costs me big $$$$$ everytime I surf motorbike stuff :applause:

Where are you? Mainland or Island?

i have the same mirrors on my bike. i got rid of the right side and just kept the left under the bars.

keep at least one mirror on the bike, or the RC's will be issuing tickets like no tomorrow. when you got the MVI, did the guy say anything about the plastic tank :applause:

Nope. He wasn't concerned. Just checked lights, signals, horn, tires etc. I had to stcik the stupid amber reflectors on the forks and red ones on the rear fender. Those will get changed for something a bit cleaner. The whole process was quite simple. Insurance and plate ran me $300 for 6 months.

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