How hot should the clutch cover be?

I did a search and didnt find what I was looking for. When I start my bike, 06 450 F, the clutch cover gets pretty hot fairly quickly. Its not so hot that I cant hold my hand on it, but pretty close. It gets up to temp within 30 seconds or so. Does this sound about right. I have a Rekluse and use the bigger required gasket. I am just a little nervous because I had a screw come out of the rekluse pressure plate last week and put a grove into my clutch cover and filled my filter with aluminum shavings. After cleaning the mess up, changing my oil numerous times and checking the clutch for more shavings, I blew a gasket about 5 minutes into my ride last night ( 1st ride since the last time I had the cover off). I am guessing I just tried to reuse the gasket one to many times, but none the less that is why I am a little jumpy right now. Any help , as always, will be appreciated.

Don't worry about it. My clutch cover gets really warm to. I also have a Rekluse.

I was pretty sure I was just being a little biatch, but I thought I would consult the lords of TT first. :excuseme::applause:

try some two2cool oil really well with the rekluse,smoother engagement and cooler:thumbsup:

I guess I wasnt just worried for nothing. When I had put the new gasket on I did put on a thicker gasket, but it must not have been thick enough.:applause: I got one form my buddy and he told me it was a Rekluse gasket but it was just thin enough to allow the Rekluse pressure plate to 'rub' on the cover. I had noticed that my Rekluse wasnt 'acting' right, it was stalling some and the cover was still hot. So I took the cover off and saw the grooves and aluminum shavings in there. Luckily I had an actual Rekluse cover with me so I swapped it out and bingo, things got back to normal right away. And now it doesnt heat up anywhere near like it was before. :excuseme:

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