Anyone know how to Unshorten the rear shock?

My shock was lowered by the previous owner. Do I have to send it in to be gain my two inches of travel back or can I do it?



It's not that difficult to increase your sag yourself. There are numerous ways to cheat but If you want to do it right then you have to lift the sub frame to gain better access. Refer to your book for the proper directions. No special tools required unless you have loads of doe to buy the spanning wrinch from Yamaha. The head honchos will laugh all the way to the bank.

Make sure you have a good bike stand to take the weight off the rear end and It will be done in no time.

Good luck.

Dan, if they shortened the rear shock, it needs to be disassembled and have the spacer removed. Not real difficult for someone that can service a rear shock. If they lowered your subframe which is not what you appear to have said you'd be better off trading or replacing the subframe. Maybe you could even trade rear shocks with a shorter rider.


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