Owners manual

Hi this will be my first post just bought a wr426 2002 the guy I got it from did not have the owners manual is there anyplace I could get one because I would like to perform some service myself. I also see in some pics that the volt reg mounted in front of gas tank on frame I see holes there but no reg this bike has a baja kit for street use maybe it was moved some place else also has stock muffler but it was uncorked should I put aftermarket pipe or some other tip on muffler any help would be grealy appreciated thanks.

check out the australian yamaha website, they should have an online manual for your bike that you can download.

i think the manuals are in the "support" section.

Read the stickies. The direct link to the manuals is in there, plus a whole lot more stuff you need to know...SC

Whats stickies?

Your Voltage regulator is now that silver box inside your air (filter) box next to that little thing that looks like a Niccad battery from one of your kids remote control cars (which it is).

Read every word of the four threads at the top of this forum you won't regret it. You may even end up with a service manual out of the deal.

Good luck:thumbsup:

Thanks for the quick reply guys. I did not see the silver box in the air cleaner just a other box some kind of carb kit the guy said. It has little clear hoses on it I think it is power now or something.

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