Another jetting question, but a simple one

I'm wondering if the main and/or pilot jets can be changed while the carb is on the bike. Mine is apart right now so I can't tell, but if I decide my jetting is off I'd like to know if I have to take the carb off again.:applause:

I tried and couldn't complete it,but thats not to say someone hasn't. It's just way easier to do off the bike. Trust me.

Much easier to do off the bike. When it's still installed on the bike, it's a real bugger to get the plastic slosh baffle re-installed properly.

Main is easy on the bike. I have swapped out the pilot on the bike but you have to be really careful that the the float pivot pin does not fall out. If it does, then you will probably have to remove the carb. Just be aware of it and don't move the float much.

To make it easier, loosen the rubber boots and twist the carb so you can access the lower side (float bowl) from the left hand side of the bike.

If you have a set of small metric sockets, then it is really easy for the main. I still used a wrench for the pilot.

I have done it, its not too bad if you

a) replace the philipps head screws with allen screws

:applause: pull the RH sidepanel

c) temp. pull the rear master cylinder resevoir (no need to drain it)

d) temp. pull the heat shield.

This gives you just enough room, but you may need to cut down the allen key you use a little.


Just loosen the boots and give it a little twist. you should be able to replace both jets without a problem. The needle's a little tuffer but completely doable. Have fun :applause:

OK, thanks for all the advise. Hopefully I won't have to fiddle with it after I get it together. :applause:

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