To cannister or not to cannister - that is the ?

I'm in the process of doing all the baisic mods to my XRL and presently have the crankcase breather hooked up to one of the openings on the airbox. However, I read a couple of posts in which the guys insist that the bike idles better with the cannister left in the loop. Any definitive answer on that?:applause:

hey bibleman, i removed my cannister and i have zero idle issues. that can only stores unused fuel vapors. i too routed the hose into the airbox(before i did my battery relocation!). now ive run that hose up to the seat with a small filter at the end of it.

by the way bibleman, do you happen to live in carson city? if its the same guy im thinking of!

Hi Martinfan! Sorry, I live in NJ - the other Bibleman must be an IMPOSTER:p I appreciate your response because I think you inadvertently gave some interesting info. I could see how attaching the crank vent to the airbox could cause some fluctuation at idle, but venting it to the atmosphere could avoid that. I was actually thinking about doing the same set-up using a K&N crankcase filter.:applause:

The canister that connects to the crankcase is an oil seperator, only the cali bikes have a charcoal canister that collects fuel vapors.


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