Kamloops or Kelona

Some friend and I will be driving up to BC to ride and party with you Canadians on your May long weekend. We went to Kamloops last time and rode Greenstone Mt. How does Kelowna compare to the Greenstone area? We have been thinking of returning to Greenstone or trying Inks Lake but perhaps we should try Kelowna. We typically ride 50-100 miles a day so a large area is what we are looking for. Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks, Paul B

Sorry about the spelling, Kelowona looks very tempting, roughly how large is it?

Thanks for the info.

Paul B


You DO realize there is a spelling test at the border crossing on the way up here:p


Population? I think it's around 130,000 people.

I better make a cheat sheet. How big is the Bear Creek area?

Paul B

Kelowna is Dope! As is most of B.C.

It's a very large area but id imagine Inks Lake is bigger since there is trails from Inks that can join all the way GreenStone and to Chewels so i think if you factor all the that in the Kamloops area is bigger. Also there is more variety where Kelowna is mainly fast stuff Kamloops will have tight and fast stuff.

Just don't forget your pipe! And I don't mean the one on your bike! :applause:

The bear creek area is huge, but like the other guy said..as a dedicated riding area the greenstone/inks is bigger i suppose. But probably at both sites, but at least at bear creek, you can just head further into the mountains, basically forever. 100's of miles of trails, only a small fraction of which you could explore in any one visit. Unless you are here for months I guarantee you dont see it all.

Also, I ride almost all technical when I can so there is plenty in kelowna :applause:

Don't come to Kamloops. Tons of dead pine trees down on the trials this spring. (pine beetle). Its been raining a lot, and there is more snow than usual for this time of year up in the hills. I'd go to Kelowna if I were you. I hear Kelowna is da bomb. Inks has suffered tremendously from logging this past winter.

i rode Inks and talk about dead fall , every trail has huge trees down, logging everywhere, with the pine beetle kill.

Bear Creek has 100,000 hectares set aside just for dirt rippin

Kamloops is shitty right now.

Kamloops is shitty right now.

I have to agree with you. The beetle killed trees are staring to fall everywere. Finished of my forks on them last weekend.:applause: I'm afraid it's just the start of the tree downfall.

Tons of logging at Inks, Scuitto, and the backside of Barnhartvale. Kinda sucks because you can be on a familiar trail going into a cut block, then there are 5 or 6 different trails going out of the edge of the block. Had to double back a bunch of times because we got on the wrong trails. Not to mention the 2 foot long chunks of wood that shoot off everyones back tires. Got nailed a few times with them.

Wanna go to KELOWNA for a ride soon? It ****ing rules like no other!

I thought all the downed trees made it pretty fun...

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